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Hexgrid mark ^0.5.0

The hexgrid mark draws a hexagonal grid spanning the frame. It can be used with the hexbin transform to show how points are binned. The binWidth option specifies the distance between centers of neighboring hexagons in pixels; it defaults to 20, matching the hexbin transform.

1415161718192021↑ culmen_depth_mm3540455055culmen_length_mm →Fork
  marks: [
    Plot.hexgrid(),, Plot.hexbin({r: "count"}, {x: "culmen_length_mm", y: "culmen_depth_mm", fill: "currentColor"}))

Hexgrid options

The hexgrid mark supports the standard mark options. It does not accept any data or support channels. The default stroke is currentColor, the default strokeOpacity is 0.1, and the default clip is true. The binWidth defaults to 20, matching the hexbin transform. The fill option is not supported, but a frame mark can be used to the same effect.


Plot.hexgrid({stroke: "red"})

Returns a new hexgrid mark with the specified options.